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2012-03-28 20:38:55 by PlusPlusKid

We loved your cartoons.


2012-02-19 11:31:39 by PlusPlusKid

Errm...thanks to HiryuGouki for scouting me. Dunno why, guess he liked my stuff?


2012-02-08 07:34:23 by PlusPlusKid

Jag är bra, är du bra?


2011-09-03 19:47:16 by PlusPlusKid

I'm working on my own gravity engine in flash using as2 (im oldschool) so il keep you updated ;)

Anyone have any ideas for my next art?

Guess what?

2011-08-29 16:47:17 by PlusPlusKid

i may or may not be up-a-notch's new account :P

Guess what?

Review Mod Recommendation

2011-08-07 19:43:13 by PlusPlusKid

I vote soapbubble for review mod, he makes great reviews and I think he would have good judgement :)

Uploaded some art

2011-06-20 10:10:21 by PlusPlusKid

Made in blender ( you should go :)

Explaining My Username

2011-06-12 14:14:58 by PlusPlusKid

Ok, so I may be wondering why I'm the "PlusPlusKid" (though lets face it, your probably not) but even if you aren't I'm gonna explain anyway

1. I'm learning c++
2. I'm under 18
3. I have been on newgrounds for 3 years, this is a new account (not related to my user but i wanted to say it)